28 January 2010

Wild Thing

I was just talking to my boss about the music of our young days...

This pre-dates us - we were 9 & 10 (or 11)  in 1966. But damn, this is a fun video... the clothing, hair styles and attitudes and passion.

24 January 2010

Dragon Mosaic

I've progressed far enough on the websites to devote a small bit of time to the dragon mosaic. Tonight I finished the dragon's beard. I might do just a bit more on its mane, but for now I'm going to concentrate on its underbelly. I'm using the lighter olive green that you can see in this image for the underbelly. The pieces here are not glued down. I'm just getting a feel for the color and how it will work in regard to the shape...

22 January 2010


Laughing out loud funny - in a weird way...

Pringle of Scotland
Really expensive clothing, but some interesting designs.

20 January 2010

It's a WTF day.

I'm having one of those days. Being prone to apocalyptic visions is not what it's cracked up to be. Tends to make one surly in the mornings, overly bright and sunny by mid-afternoon, and agitated and sleepless in the wee hours.

Actually I think I'm a bit overwhelmed by the political/religious/public/media circus... going for the lowest, meanest, grubbiest, most contentious, most degrading, irrelevant, disrespectful, hateful, hurtful... available 24/7

We have become a nation of people, nay a world of people, where someone like Pat Robertson actually gets air time with the same old blame the victims song and dance - earthquakes caused by deals with the devil, what idiocy - a nation of people who live to disagree, who think compromise is a sin, who accuse those with different viewpoints of being evil, or ignorant.

Ad hominem rules the world, followed closely by the red herring, straw man, post hoc and biased sample.

I'm disappointed in us. We make me think of a three-year old child having a tantrum fit. Someone needs to swat our collective bottom and make us think about what we're doing to the world and each other.

18 January 2010

Sketchbook p1

Not exactly what I should have been doing, but...

[pencil on paper]

14 January 2010


The smalti (glass) order arrived today. Gorgeous glass, absolutely gorgeous.

So much for wrapping up all the website/portfolio tasks before it arrived... I wanted to use the weekend to get all the web stuff I need to do for my own website and for all the sites I do (free... unfortunately) for other people/organizations before the temptation of getting back to the dragon mosaic...

Now, I'll have to be ultra-disciplined... damn.