05 September 2012

Mosaic Labyrinth

The mosaic part of the labyrinth is finished. We completed it with a team of students (along with one staff member and one faculty member) from Saint Mary's University, this past Saturday. They made nearly 60 blocks in just under 3 hours. The pace was fast and furious, but the work that was done was amazing.

We will be adding the ground cover plants later this week or next.

Most everyone wore their SMU red shirts
The labyrinth at the beginning of the day
Dr. Tadie and some of the New Student Volunteers - mostly freshmen
This student was kept busy placing the blocks that everyone made
A group shot - there's still a few blocks to finish,
but some students needed to leave, so we shot the photo
A closer view
Professor Joe Tadie puts in the last block.
And it's finished!

The Year That Was

The year mosaic (now titled The Year That Was...) is on its way to the Gallery of Contemporary Mosaic. If any of you are in Chicago between Sept. 14 and Oct. 31 you can see it at the Gallery, along with many other wonderful and amazing mosaics... It's quite an honor to be invited to exhibit in a gallery that regularly shows the work of world-renown mosaic artists.

The Gallery is in the Chicago Mosaic School at 1806 W. Cuyler Ave.