26 January 2009

Mosaic Progress - Part 6

The background and flowers are really starting to take shape. The mosaic is laying flat on a table as I work on it. Soon I have to decide if I want to finish the left side of the mosaic, filling in the sky all the way to the top, or rotate it 180 degrees and work on the flowers and grass at the bottom right side before finishing the sky.

Did not get quite as much work done on the mosaic over the weekend as I would have preferred - the house was scary messy and a major drain on any creative energies one might have. So Abelisto and I spent significant time over the weekend putting it in order. Now everything but the kitchen and one studio room is okay, not perfect, but okay.

And the laundry got done, which was another absolutely necessary task. I'm still not sure the washer is working correctly, but I am in denial about it after the $600.00 bill for the furnace...

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