12 February 2009

Mosaic Progress

Today I came home from work feeling rather ill. I think it's just stress. Eventually stress starts to mess up my stomach and I get digestive problems. I crawled in bed with the heating pad and slept most of the afternoon. That helped, somewhat.

Still, I only did a small amount of work on the mosaic - not enough to be worth the effort of photographing it and posting the photo (especially since my internet connection is so very slow tonight). I worked on the smaller sunflowers. I have all the greenery done - there's just the five bees and a couple flower blossoms and then the filling in of the sky, which should go quickly. The tile I ordered for it should be here on Monday.

Instead of working on the mosaic I worked on developing an events calendar that I can drop into a post or the sidebar of a Blogger blog. It's for another project I am researching.

More later.

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