31 March 2009

The undisciplined blogger

I need to catch this blog up to date... So here's a quick list of this month's tasks and projects - all the things I should have been blogging about this past month.

March 6 - member's show at the art center, Flock is in it.

March 7 - moved bedroom upstairs in house to the room vacated when Nova & Mike moved out

March 8 - expanded studio to now totally fill first floor of house (except foyer, kitchen and bathroom)

March 11 - started teaching the mosaic class; 8 students (totally full on tools and space)

March 13 - opening reception for the members show at the art center

March 13 - received a commission for a large mosaic, planning and work to begin in June

March 18 - new SMU website went live, was supposed to take overnight to update; was live in 15 minutes and we haven't stopped running yet; just a few of today's web tasks were - faculty photos & bios/cvs, undergrad res hall images/floorplans (create new images, make flash files for each hall showing all floors and get them uploaded and linked), faulty search programming (thankfully Atomic Playpen got that figured out and fixed), numerous links added, created new graphics, typos corrected, forms updated and linked to, etc, etc... most of these remain "in progress"

March 18 - second mosaic class

March 19 - first Winona Arts Center board meeting - I've been asked to be on the board, I think...

March 20 - designed new Winona Arts Center logo, still waiting on the board for which version they liked, if any...

March 20 - gallery shift (volunteered for an occasional shift, staff is all volunteer at this point)

March 22 - received another commission for a mosaic, will be 4 panels totaling 12' x 42", work to begin next month, budget of $1,000 - $1,500 for materials, researching new suppliers and interesting glass options

March 24 - knowledge acknowledged presentation

March 25 - my dad's 80th birthday, or it would have been...

March 25 - third mosaic class

March 28 - reorganized studio(s), still in progress

March 29 - worked on Abelisto's second top bar bee hive (about 75% finished - needs to be totally finished this coming weekend, bees arrive soon after that...)

March 30 - started two more mosaics

That's most of it.
Now that I've cleared the air and caught this blog up, maybe I can keep up with it.

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