10 May 2009

Art vs. Cooking

I should not try to do too many other things at the same time I am working on art.

Today I boiled the rice dry (and I was standing only 15 or so feet from the stove) while drawing the cartoon for the next big mosaic. Fortunately although there was 1/2 an inch of scorched short grain brown rice at the bottom of the pan, I was able to save a few cups of the rice and the scorchy flavor it ended up with actually complemented the smoky, spicy chipotle seasoning in the black beans and tomatoes that I was serving with the rice. So we ate it anyway - I hate waste.

The cartoon is for a mosaic of an early-eighteenth century galleon (hoisting a pirates colors), sailing through a rolling, undulating sea - one of a four-panel commission I am working on.

The mosaic will be 44" wide and 37" tall, and must be that size to fit in the space it has been commissioned for. Unfortunately those dimensions don't match the dimensions of the ship, which is taller than it is wide, of course. So I am thinking of adding a 17th century map to the left and right edges of the piece, having the coastal water colors fade gradually into the sea and sky colors I am using in the rest of the piece.

Might totally change my mind, though. I'll have to sketch it out in a couple full-sized cartoons to see what I think.

Here's the sketch I did today. It only shows the center part of the cartoon. The ship is a bit foreshortened because of the angle the photo was shot at. It's a bit hard to see since it is on brown craft paper...

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