21 September 2009

Ship Mosaic Progress

Here's the ship mosaic as of tonight. At this point I have around 55 hours in it - probably another 40 or so to go.

I'm getting anxious to finish it. At this point I'm thinking a light blue-gray grout, maybe...

Both these images are a bit grainy since I was using the little camera and shooting in a low-light situation and for mosaics you absolutely cannot use a flash and get anything worthwhile... I'll take better photos with the digital SLR later. I left that camera at work and I did not want to wait until tomorrow to get the photos online (it's been too long since I last posted about the ship mosaic). I want to get some diffusers and spot lights and create a place in the studio for taking high quality photos of the mosaics. I priced some kits, but the cheapest was $100 and I know I can make them cheaper than that. I'd rather make them and spend the savings on glass.

This image shows most of the mosaic - although you cannot see a lot of it since it's covered with loose glass tiles and strips of glass.

This image shows a closer view of the sea - without so much glare on the glass.

I need to get more of the butterscotch-colored glass for the right side of the mosaic. What I bought earlier is a bit too light. I have plenty of the pale blue streaked glass for the sky.

The left-over glass will go with me to the intermediate class I am teaching in October & November. The beginning class will be working with the 3/4" vitreous glass tiles since they are a bit cheaper and easier to work with for beginners.

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