22 October 2010

Are You Curious? Part Two

Here's the partially assembled sculpture of m'dusa.

I need to make about 8 more tendrils - she's a bit bald in back. Once I have the tendrils in the exact places they should go I'll fill in the gaps between each tendril and her scalp.

I also need to put a counter-weight in the base to make her more stand up more securely.

I bought several small sheets of pastel (peach, pink, orange, purple, green, blue-gray) stained glass for her flesh. I'm using the breakage from Sugar Tree Glass (local glassblowers) for the tendrils.

And Emerald's paintings are actually hanging quite straight on the wall behind m'dusa...

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funn-blog said...

U can use some heavy material at the base like bronz.