30 December 2010


Earlier this month I dreaded my hair. I thought about it for a long, long time. Since I lead a double-life (professional at a Catholic university and artist) I was of two minds about doing it.

I worried a bit about having what some would consider a drastic hairstyle.
I'd wanted to dread my hair for years.

I wondered about taking care of dreads.
I hate mussing with my hair (before I'd just twist it up into a knot on the back of my head and either wrap it with a jumbo hair-tie or stick some sticks through it).

I could not build my dreads on my own - that would take too much time and look too sloppy while they formed.

So I found a place that does dreadlocks and set up an appointment.

Before Dreads:

After Dreads:

So far I've only had one person say "Why did you do THAT?" Everyone else has really liked the dreads...

And it's gotten me back into knitting - I'm making hats and headbands for my dread-ness.


Mindful Musings said...

I like your hair both ways! The dreadlocks is probably a younger look .... good on you for being courageous!

Caron said...

Monta, you have beautiful hair. I remember when it was really short. So wish my hair grew as fast as yours and was as lush. Love the dreads on you!