29 November 2011

The River Mosaic

I've been working on the river mosaic the last few evenings and I've reached a point where I thought I'd share a few photos of it.

The River Mosaic, 12" x 60", Emperador Medium marble, Smalt, Dalle de Verre.

One of the contiguous marble sections is completed. There's a bit of the glass started - I did that on the night that the Winona Daily News photographer came over to take photos for the story they ran on the front page of the paper last week.

I've been playing with varying heights of tesserae and interfering with the andamento...

Table-level view from the right end of the piece
Table-level view from the left end of the piece

I'm going to take a short break from working on this one to do two small mosaics.

1 comment:

DFDSherrie said...

Oh, I'm working on a piece to go in front of our tub. Its
18" X 60", just a hair bigger than yours. It's all vitreous, mirror and milli. I was tickled when I saw yours because I KNOW what it takes! Ironically, it's my first real piece. Hey, like we say in Texas, "Go Big or Go Home"!

I've enjoyed your stuff and your blog.