30 March 2008

Fencing the yard

Yesterday Abelisto and I worked on the fence for the beeyard. I think it will end up being around 20' by 48' when it is finished. Of course the bees will wander afar. This is just to protect their home-ground from noisy neighbors, dogs, skunks, and the stray kid that wanders through. It will also give the cats an outside area to be in that is safe from dogs.

Speaking of the cats, Poppy (the lone female) was spayed this past week. It came down to telling daughter #3 that something HAD to be done. Poppy was marking her territory trying to attract a mate. Unfortunately her territory included places/things like my inkjet photo printer (which I finally threw out) and the rest of the computer desk area (both computer desks actually), the laundry room counter, and any plastic or vinyl bag that she found in the house - which meant that my studio had to be kept tightly closed because my new (and expensive) quilting sewing machine has a dust cover that is made of vinyl. She did pee on it once when I forgot to shut the door all the way. It took the chrome off of the presser foot knee-lift which was laying on the table in front of the machine... damn cat. Anyway, the hope is that once she no longer is constantly in heat she will no longer be advertising the fact by marking her territory. She came home on Friday, a bit groggy and out-of-sorts, and I have found no new pee marks. I am tentatively hopeful.

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