31 March 2008

More Bee Fence

Yesterday Abelisto and I, with help from #2 son, place a few more sections of fence in the side yard. Probably one more weekend and we will have the first section enclosed. There are a few places where the ground is uneven enough that we will have to put some paver bricks around the inside of the fence to fill in the low spots so the cats will not be able to squeeze out from under the fence panels. I expect them to eventually climb the fence (probably sooner than later) but I do not want to make it an easy saunter under the fence. If we get strays coming in I will need to run a charged line around the perimeter, maybe at a foot off of the ground. That will keep anything that might harm the beehives out and will have the added bonus of keeping the neighborhood dogs from peeing on the fence too (at least more than once). If I run a charged line on the outside to keep strays out I may run a couple on the inside to keep ours in.

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