01 August 2009

Damen Hall Mosaic

This is the mosaic that got me started with mosaics. I first saw this mosaic last August when Abelisto and I visited Eileen in Chicago. I could not stop thinking about it after we went back to Winona. I decided that I wanted to learn how to make mosaics.

We went back to see this mosaic yesterday. I forgot to bring a camera, but Eileen had her iPhone with her and took the photographs below.

The mosaic's theme is the physical sciences - it contains images of the human body, the periodic chart, a star and planets, a slide rule (remember slide rules?), a fish/lizard, crystals and an atom. It is in Damen Hall on the Loyola lakeside campus. It measures 9' x 45' and is made of smalti, some with 24 carat gold leaf in it.

A couple close-ups:

This mosaic is in a building on the Loyola lakeside campus that is scheduled for demolition. Hopefully someone will find a way to save the mosaic.

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