27 August 2009

Ship Mosaic Progress

I haven't posted for a while. Instead I've been canvasing and petitioning for health care reform. Been working on the Winona Arts Center website. The new school year started this past week. One of the cats peed on my computer and fried the cpu (which now stands for Cat-Peed-Upon at our house), during the night before Abelisto needed to print off his syllabi. Another one of our cats bit me bad enough that I had to get medical attention (and then talk to animal control and the local police - it's the law with animal bites, I guess) and take some really strong antibiotics which have trashed my digestive track. And weekend-before-last my 29-year old nephew had an aneurysm and a stroke and ended up temporarily paralyzed on the left side of his body (he's recovering and they expect him to make a full recovery over the course of the next year).

So it's been a wild two or three weeks.

I have been working on the Ship Mosaic though. Here's what it looks like right now:
I have around 37 hours in this mosaic so far, not counting supply runs. I'm guessing it will take another 45-50 hours to complete it.

I went to Saint Paul to J. Ring Glass, and got enough glass to finish it (I hope). So now I just need to crank out a couple hours per night on it and I should finish it by the end of September...

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