10 May 2010

Portrait Mosaic Progress - Decisions Made

Over the weekend while working on the mosaic I decided that I would have the hair on the portrait's right side (left as you're looking at the mosaic) go behind the shoulder and the hair on the other side come in front of the shoulder. The slant of the head, and the fact that I wanted to cover the ears with the hair made this an obvious choice once I got down to the shoulders. I started with making the hair on both sides fall behind the shoulders and ended up taking off some tesserae on the portrait's left side.

I think this will end up looking much better.

I am also trying to decide what color to make the clothing and the background. I'm thinking about using colors 442 and 446 or 545, 456 and 546d.


I'm not certain about the background yet. Maybe a mixture of the colors 321, 323, 325 and 325b...

In any case it will mean another order from smalti.com - where these images of smalti colors came from.

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