17 May 2010

Portrait Mosaic

This mosaic's name hereafter will be Sheba. I think it looks enough like Sheba to be titled with her name... I have taken some liberties - the real Sheba's hair rarely gets this long before she does something interesting to it, and if it does get this long it is a mass of curls. The eyes are green enough, but they could have used an outer edge of brown that you simply cannot do in mosaic unless you're creating a larger piece of work or working with smaller slivers of glass - and the pieces for the iris are already less than 3/16th of an inch square. Sheba also has piercings and a beautiful tattoo on her neck.

But otherwise, this is recognizable as Sheba...

There's a bit of reflection in the lower part of the mosaic.  I took this photo before coming to work and I did not have time to set up the lights as I would have liked.

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