02 June 2010

Sheba Mosaic Progress

I haven't posted about the mosaic in a while. Earlier this week I finished the face and the hair, trimmed off the excess mesh and glued the work onto a Wedi board.

I've been testing colors for the clothing and the background.

When I test colors I lay out the tesserae in a roughed-in manner. I try out combinations and andamento (flow of the tesserae) in a very loose way which helps me visualize how it might look. This was my final test for the garment colors for the Sheba mosaic:

You can see a roughed-in arrangement of color and andamento. Once I find an arrangement that seems to work for me I let it sit for a few days - checking it now and then to see if it still appeals to me. If it does, I start working with the colors and layout and then see what I think (I have been known to pull out large sections of a mosaic if I'm not perfectly satisfied with it...)

Tonight I started on the garment section of the mosaic. Didn't get too far - tonight was Skype night with the Las Vegas contingent of the family. Promised Aluna that I'd post a photo of tonight's progress on the mosaic after we disconnected, so here it is:

Only the blue/green tesserae along the right shoulder (left side of the mosaic as you are looking at it) are glued down so far. Hopefully I'll get more done tomorrow night. I don't think I have any mosaic students coming to the open studio so I'll be able to work on this instead of teaching.


Barbara Benson Keith said...

She's looking great, Monta!

TileMosaicGirl said...

Monta: I love this; amazing work! So intricate and well designed!

MontaGael said...

Thanks Barbara. I appreciate hearing your critique of my work - especially since I think your work is excellent.

Krystie - I am a bit obsessive about both the design and the precision in my work. It means that it takes me a bit longer to complete a piece. But for me it is worth it.

I have almost finished this mosaic. One more evening and it will be done - would have been done tonight but I got to capture a bee swarm. That was a lot of fun.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have photographs of the finished work. I'm baking gluten-free brownies to celebrate.