28 July 2011

Mosaic Art

While I wait for the payment for the commission (which should arrive in my bank account sometime in the next 24 hours) I'm thinking of ideas for the next mosaic(s). At this point, unless I get another commission soon I will be doing a couple different pieces for myself - just because...

One of them is going to have to be a river/water/place piece... that's what's pressing right now; that's what seems to be spinning around in my head. I think it will be another stone & glass piece...

In the meanwhile, I'm cutting up marble - for fun and practice and for future work - I can work on my hammer and hardie skills while my mind thinks about what's next.

This is what I cut in about 20 minutes tonight:

I'm getting better at this... better cuts (shapes and sizes that I want to make, as opposed to however they come out), and much, much less waste.

And here's the scraps:

That's all that I wasted.


Margaret Almon said...

I finally got my hardie installed in my log this year, but have been wary of using the hammer. I know if I practice I will get better, but most of the time I don't even notice it sitting there in my studio, larger than life.

MontaGael said...

It is a matter of practice, but also a matter of technique. I would encourage you to seek out someone who has experience with the hammer & hardie and learn from them initially - if you haven't done that yet..

If you can get to the Chicago Mosaic School they have a great two-day workshop on hammer & hardie that is taught by the wonderful Matteo Randi.