15 August 2007

Gallery Slide Show

Clicking on an image opens the slide show in a separate window (at www.slide.com), with larger images. Once there you will need to click the play button at the top of the image. If you click on an image in this slide show you will be able (after another click) to see a larger version of the image.

If you go to the slide show I want to apologize for the widgets on the right side of the slide show - Slide.com slide shows are not all that customizable. However, they are quick and easy and free...



Anonymous said...

Oh my god woman! You are one of the most eclectic creative people I know! Would you be up for a trade?


monta said...

I am always up for a trade. I would love to have something you have made.

You know how to contact me.

We only have original art on the first floor of our house. Most of it is done by one of us, but I have work by other artists too.