04 August 2007

Goddard College

My alma mater just redesigned their website. This is interesting to me for a number of reasons. Perhaps first and foremost because I am facing a redesign of the website at work. I am pretty certain that Goddard's was done for far less money and far less anxiety and pain than ours will be.

I love the simplicity and directness of the Goddard site. The site authors have provided just enough information for someone to decide if they are intrigued or put off by the Goddard pedagogy and its progressive educational model.

Our website contains far, far too much information (around 3,500 pages of it). It is a mishmash of information for students, employees, and others. I am pushing for creating two distinct sites - an internal, or portal site, which contains information for internal constituencies, and an external, marketing site containing information for the rest of the world. I think I am gaining converts...


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