05 September 2007

Home Again

We are back home now. We made fairly good time coming back - left around 8:30 (our time) and got to Winona around 6:30.

I only got sad once during the drive back.

It is impossible to believe that my father is gone. It does not feel real yet... I am not sure it ever will.

I miss him. Now and forever.

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Anonymous said...

Losing my folks is something I think about often and get a bit anxious about. It seems that I get closer to them all of the time now. My dad is 72 years old and I know he's aware of living his life to the fullest now - especially since he and my mom recently just started to take up kayaking this summer! My parents lost a couple good friends to a freak car accident this summer and realized that something like that could happen to them. I was walking through a cemetery the other day and as I looked at one of the headstones a little bit of peace came over me about my parents' deaths. I heard a voice that said it was going to be ok.

Caron ;-)