15 September 2007

Interstices - Part 1

I thought I would share images from my current gallery show - Interstices.


View from outside the gallery

This is what you would see as you approach the gallery. I placed the sculpture Communion Circle: 1-10 carefully so that it would draw passersby into the gallery.

View from the doorway

As you step into the gallery you can see more of my work. I place a fairly diverse selection of work in this front room of the gallery. The gallery has two main rooms. This is the south room in the gallery. If you walk forward to the wall opposite the doors and turn to the right there is a smaller central area, formed inside the south room by two movable walls (which have never been moved because they made them way too heavy to move easily - they were afraid that the walls would not be stable enough to avoid tipping over if they were not really heavy, thus the 2 or 3 feet of concrete filler running the length of the walls at the bottoms of the 12 inch thick walls) and a permanent wall that divides the two main areas of the gallery.

In this photo you can see the doorway at the back of the room which goes to a very small room that is never used (except for storing platforms and pedestals and one of the movable walls) and the galley workshop/storage room.

So that you have an idea of the scale in the room, I think the gallery measures 30 feet by 50 feet, so it would be nearly thirty feet from where I was standing when I took the photograph to the back wall.

Here you can see some of my encaustic paintings - on the left and back walls, two fiber sculptures, two gourd pieces and the plaster sculpture i mentioned above, in the center.

I will post another set of photos tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

I cannot explain how taken I am with "Communion Circle" A sacredness emits from it and definitely draws you in . . . a stillness, yet movement simultaneously --- a celebration!
Beautiful sculpture.

Hope all is well,

monta said...

Thanks Maddy. I am talking with someone I know at a local foundry. I want to cast these in ductile iron and offer them as outdoor sculptures. They would rust to a lovely shade of brown.

Before I can do that I need to find about $8,000. I am meeting with the university grant writer to see if she can help me find some grants.

Wish me luck...