22 April 2008


I have not written about my art practice in a long time. I do not want anyone to think I have stopped doing art. There have been times in my life when I have stopped doing art - times when I have not been in the frame of mind that is receptive to inspiration, times when life has been so overwhelming that doing more than just surviving has been impossible.

That is not what is going on right now. I have several projects in the works, but I have not felt like any of them are at a point where I can or should write about them. For the most part I am collecting objects and ideas and experiencing what Devora calls the fallow time - the time when the ideas are incubating somewhere inside my head, waiting for the spark to happen.

Some of the things I have collected:
old buttons
old photographs of weddings from the early 1900s
driftwood fragments
broken glass and mirror shards
interesting fabrics
copper wire (really thick copper wire)
a child's compass
a broken watch face (analog)
an old whistle
costume jewelry (some broken)
semi-precious rocks
plain river rocks
stamped metal letters
scrabble letters
fishing tackle
miscellaneous hardware

I am not sure what will come of all of this yet. I have hopes of doing something with a mixed-media quilted project. I also want to make body armor from fabric and found objects. I have been making sketches - unusual for me since I usually work freestyle rather than from diagrams or plans.

Daughter #3 wants to do a fashion show in the fall with me and one or two others. I have half-a-dozen or so garments in mind for it. I might make the body armor part of the show also.

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