27 April 2008

Too Much Going On

Since Friday:
Daughter #2 called to say she was coming back to Winona on Monday, not in two weeks
Got invited to the DFL Convention dinner
Started fixing upstairs for daughter #2 & partner
Moved 6 bookcases and probably 1500 books from one room to another
Dug (supervised son #2 digging it actually) fence post hole, set post, poured concrete around it
Cleaned kitchen (cannot tell that I did it now, though)
Did some laundry
Went to dinner as Sharon Ropes guest
Realized that invitations for next Saturday's party had not been created or sent
Decided to give out buttons at party
Planned menu for party
Created buttons designs for party
Created invitation for party
Created 32 emails to send to guests with invitation attached
Realized that 32 1M pdfs would hose email account
Optimized pdf for web
Posted pdf on website
Changed 32 emails (removed attachments inserted link)
Sent emails
Discovered that email inbox was already too full
Deleted several hundred junk emails

Should be in bed, it's nearly midnight. Felt I should blog, so I wrote this nonsense.
Good night

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