25 February 2010

Dragon Mosaic Progress

Last night's progress:

Hopefully I'm not being too boring with these incremental (or what sometimes feels incremental) photographs. I just like to see the progress.

I also want to document the process a bit.

I've rediscovered that I set tough goals for myself - in regard to the artwork I do. It's not all that intentional, I just design projects that are not easy to do. For example, the dragons spine ridge - it's very slow going getting the pieces of smalti cut for that area. I thought, as of yesterday's post, that I'd have around 10-15 more hours in this piece, but in all probability, it will be more like 15-20 more hours, because of all the special cut background for those damn triangles... The glass grinder is helping, but even using it to smooth out the edges of the cuts I'm making, it's going to take a long time. I'll probably have around 60 hours in this by the end. And that will make the selling price up between $1,800 and $2,000.

But I have to say that even if I had realized in the beginning that this design would take so much time, I would not have done this mosaic differently.

And, looking at this photo, I realize that I forgot to add last night's tally to the hours. Add 3 more tic marks to the 40 that are there.

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