16 February 2010

Sketchbook - No. 055

Another nondeterministic* drawing. This one is in link. Everyone is telling me that the pencil ones smear too much. I kind of like the smearing, but I'll experiment with ink - I just might find that I like it too...

Anyway, here is last night's drawing.
* wikipedia discusses nondetermistic in regard to computer programming algorithms:
"a nondeterministic algorithm is an algorithm with one or more choice points where multiple different continuations are possible, without any specification of which one will be taken."
This definition actually works to describe how my sketches are constructed since I never know what they will look like when I start. I don't plan them as they progress; I just wait and see what happens next once a mark/section/line is laid down. What comes before guides what comes next. There are no mistakes. Everything has potential.

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