16 April 2010

Abelisto Dulcimer

I've resisted using Picasa even though uploading photos to a Blogger blog creates Picasa web albums with the images automatically.

Today, as part of my work I did some exploration of Picasa. I downloaded the application and installed it.

That was about 55 minutes ago. It's still indexing all the photos on my computer. I'm not surprised since I have over 500G of photos spread between three harddrives.

While it's still finding and cataloging things I played with it a bit. I found this photo of Abelisto playing the dulcimer on stage. I used Picasa's interface to adjust color, contrast, and fill light, and then applied a sepia filter to the image (hopefully all of this is undoable... I'm fairly certain it is - I actually know it is while you are still working on an image, but I don't know if I leave an image in an altered state and return to it later if it is undoable... we'll see). I then used the Blog This feature in Picasa to upload this photo and write this little bit about it.

I added a caption to the photo in Picasa but it does not seem to have accompanied the photo into this blog post.

Picasa is still indexing photographs... I'm beginning to wonder how many I actually have. Hopefully it hasn't gone out onto the network... I have access permissions to lots and lots of networked folders.

Maybe I should check on it. Now.

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