08 April 2010

Portrait Mosaic

Lest you think I am slacking... I am waiting on more smalti, which I ordered on Monday from smalti.com, which shipped yesterday, and should be here (hopefully) on Friday so that I can do more work on this piece over the weekend.

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TileMosaicGirl said...

mMonta: Don't at all think you're slacking; I know how it is! Exciting to be getting some goodies in the mail, though, huh? I'm waiting on some new stuff from Diamond Tech; boy do I LOVE gettin' new mosaic stuff.
Hey; I can see the picture way better here than on FB, shows much more detail and it is BEAUTIFUL as usual; the eyes are absolutely amazing; you have done a FANTASTIC job (once again!!)
Happy Friday tomorrow!
Krystie Rose :)