18 April 2010

More Progress on the Portrait Mosaic

Yesterday I built handrails for the porch steps so that people coming to the art tour next weekend can come up and down on the steps more securely. They aren't pretty, but they'll do. They are just a temporary fix anyway, since I really want to have a new porch put on the house sometime this summer. Need to get a couple more freelance website jobs - then I could hire a crew to put a great porch on the house.

When I went to buy the lumber for the porch step railing I also bought some halogen lamps that will be the photography setup for taking pictures of the mosaics.
Today I was able to work for a good part of the day on the mosaic portrait of Sheba. I'm almost finished with the face. I've also started cutting glass for the hair, but I haven't glued any of those pieces down yet.

For the most part I am really happy with this so far. But I think I am going to rework the area under her right eye (on the left side as you're looking at this photo) .

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