03 February 2012

Desert Mosaic Update

Spent the last few nights working on the desert mosaic. I think I will get it finished tomorrow.

At 14 hours
At 18 hours
At 22 hours
I tipped it upright for this last photo so that the texture was more apparent. This is mostly marble, with some onyx, limestone, sandstone and glass shards.

Be sure to click on the images and view them in a larger format.

1 comment:

linwir said...

Love the texture you are creating, do you use the leps to cut all your stone and onxy, or do you use the chisel and hammer to get down to small pieces. I have some larger piece of onyx and marble and granite, dont know how to cut down to smaller more workable pieces, I love the ruff edges on your pieces. If I use a tile saw they will all be quite straight edges. Thanks for your help. Never cut these type of pieces before.