26 November 2012

Pablo Picasso Month - Day 26

One of the values of academic or other exacting training is that it gives you a great understanding of what you should do.
Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.
~ Pablo Picasso
And once you've learned the rules really well you can break them, not with impunity because breaking them is still loaded with lots of risk even for those who know intimately how the rules go, but with a purposeful abandon.

I'm not saying that by following the rules you cannot make amazing art... I'm saying that when you mindfully ignore what you've been taught – knowing full well that there are consequences – unpredictable things happen. And out of those unpredictable things, out of that experimentation, comes the new things that would never have happened if we were just plodding along doing the things we (and others) had done before.

Why Pablo Picasso 

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