04 November 2012

Sea & Sky Mosaic

Starting a new mosaic - working title is Sea & Sky. It's a commission for a friend.

Commissions are always a bit more pressure- and stress-inducing. When I'm making something that's not commissioned I can make it how I see it... there are fewer constraints and the only expectation (for me) is that I do it better than the last mosaic I did.

A commissioned piece needs to end up matching the client's vision for the piece. They need to feel like what they asked for is ultimately what they got... and paid for. The last commission seems to have thrilled the clients, so that worked out just fine. It was an abstract encaustic painting - the main concerns for creating it were color and depth and form (and building the supporting framework). I think it was a success. I'll have photos next week of it hanging in its place.

This commission is a bit more tricky. It's representational and based on a smaller, previous work that the client really liked (but was not for sale...). We've discussed what he wants and I think I have a great idea in mind for it.

My goal, as always, is to exceed expectations.

Andamento sketch
This is the first time I've done an andamento sketch... usually I don't plan things out that much. For this mosaic I really want to achieve a specific effect - thus the sketch... even so, I could not make myself draw it all out - I just did enough that I knew where I wanted to go with it.

Color selection

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